2012 Theodore Klein Plant Award Winner

Hypericum ‘CCFLPC1’ Blue VelvetTM is a woody St. John’s Wort for the hot sunny garden! This compact grower (3’x3’) offers sunny yellow flowers in late spring and early summer on brilliant blue-green summer foliage. It is highly disease resistant, easy to grow. Blue Velvet is extremely drought tolerant once established and will grow well on poor soils. Works well as a companion shrub in perennial gardens, in large mass plantings or tucked in among other sun-requiring plants. Selected by Dr. Paul Cappiello of Yew Dell Botanical Gardens. Dr. Mike Dirr has grown it in Georgia and North Carolina. Cuttings taken in June or July, treated with 1000 ppm IBA, stuck in sand under mist root readily (Dirr, 2009).

Hypericum ‘CCFLPC1’ Blue Velvet