Theodore Klein

In 1995 a plant award program to select and promote outstanding ornamental woody and perennial plants for Kentucky Landscapes was initiated. The plant awards are named to honor the late Theodore Klein, Yew Dell Nursery, Crestwood, KY (photo by Mike Hayman) and selected by The Kentucky Theodore Plant Award Committee, an independent committee, that is sponsored by: the University of Kentucky Nursery/Landscape ProgramYew Dell Gardens, the Kentucky Nursery and Landscape Association, and the Kentucky Department of Agriculture "Kentucky Proud" program .

The goals of the Kentucky Theodore Klein Plant Award program are: to promote enthusiasm for and interest in plants among gardeners; to encourage development of new cultivars and hybrids by Kentucky Nurserymen; to increase the recognition, reputation, and profitability of the Kentucky nursery and landscape industries.

Plants are selected based on the following criteria. The plants nominated for consideration must be able to: be efficiently propagated and produced; be found established in Kentucky and at least two good examples of the plant be established within driving distance of a majority of the Kentucky population; and be pest resistant. Plants hybridized, selected, or introduced by Kentuckians will be given priority.

Plants are selected for promotion to the gardening public. The Kentucky Theodore Klein Plant Award winners are announced by Yew Dell Gardens, industry and gardening publications, popular press and  HortMemo

Current members of the Theodore Klein Plant Award Selection Committee

Paul Cappiello, Yew Dell GardensCrestwood
Ben Cecil, Riverfarm Nursery, Goshen

Winston Dunwell, University of Kentucky, UKREC, Princeton 
Steve Foltz, Cincinnati Zoo and Botanic Gardens, Ohio 
Mike Hayman, Seneca Gardens, Plea For The Trees:Louisville
Tony Nold, Horticulture Design and Development/Plant Kingdom, Louisville (St. Matthews)
Kristopher Stone, Boone County Arboretum

Mary Vaananen, Jellito Seeds
Tracy Williams, Greensleeves, Landscape Designer
Richard Weber, Springhouse Gardens, Landscape Architect, Garden Center, The Barn

Founding members of the Theodore Klein Plant Award Selection Committee

Winston Dunwell, UKCAFE Dept of Horticulture
Richard Fiest, Hummingbird Nursery
Steve Foltz, Cincinnati Zoo 
Mike Hayman, Louisville Courier Journal, Seneca Gardens
Buddy Hubbuch, retired Bernheim Arboretum Chief Horticulturist
Kathy Lowrey, TKPA Chairman, Lowrey Perennial Farm
Melvin Moffitt, Snow Hill Nursery
Tony Nold, Horticulture Design and Development
Dennis Raymond, Raymond Landscape Nursery
Casey Schott, KNLA President when the TKPA was founded, Leichhardt Landscape Company

Image credit to Winston Dunwell or designated photographer is appreciated.